Shot on iPhone Student Films - Behind the Scenes


Commissioned by Apple. See what it takes to make movies Shot on iPhone, as we go behind the scenes with four student filmmakers. Each reimagines cinema tradition in a different way: from classic noir to magical realism to stop-motion animation and more.
00:28 See how Niko shot a period piece on iPhone 12. pCKEsF7YFDyw/
1:22 See how Ciara used movement in their film Our Light Shines in the Dark. See her film @apple. pCKcQZ1JFn_X/
1:40 See how AhaNah shot Window to the Soul in stop-motion. Watch the full film @apple. pCKhG5k_lXFA/
2:43 See how Guillermo created in-camera transitions in RobaLuna. See them in action @apple. pCKJ10zRF0b_/
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