Apple Arcade - New releases


There are so many incredible games new to Apple Arcade this month. Tap the joystick icon on the App Store to play them.
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[00:00] Rayman Mini, by Ubisoft
[00:03] ShockRods, by Stainless games
[00:04] Ballistic Baseball, by Gameloft
[00:04] Redout Space Assault, by 34BigThings
[00:23] Mosaic, by Raw Fury
[00:44] Takeshi and Hiroshi, by Oink Games
[01:03] Sociable Soccer™, by Rogue Games
[01:21] Monomals, by PICOMY
[01:38] ShockRods, by Stainless games
[01:39] Redout Space Assault, by 34BigThings
[01:40] Team Sonic Racing, by Sega
[01:41] Marble It Up. Mayhem!, by Marble It Up
[01:42] Towaga: Among Shadows, by Noodlecake Studios