James Blake - creates a new song from his home


“It feels like a dream that I’m sort of walking through and I’m able to affect what happens in it.” James Blake lets us inside his brain as he writes the new song “ASK FOR MORE.” Remote cameras were set up in the GRAMMY® Award winner's home studio, capturing his entire creative process as he worked on writing, recording and editing the song over a 24 hour period. From time spent crafting a melody at his piano, to looping and pitching the melody and adding layers, instruments and vocals in Logic Pro X on his MacBook, to editing it into a finished song. Completing the track just after 1am.
Learn more about MacBook: apple.co/3fM0jKw
Learn more about Logic Pro X: apple.co/39ZGADB
Listen to James Blake’s new track “Are You Even Real?”: apple.co/BehindTheMacJB